Omankovivi Daddys Lil Lolita

OmankoVivi – Daddy’s Lil Lolita

OmankoVivi – Daddy’s Lil Lolita

It’s family vacation time!!!!! Vivi was supposed to be taking a nap, but as Daddy peeks back into her room he notices that she is doing something much naughtier than napping… Vivi is laying on the top bunk, carefree and rubbing her soft little clit while twitching on the bed! Daddy wasn’t careful enough though, and when Vivi catches him spying on her she quickly attempts to cover her naughty behavior, complaining about being too warm “down there”. Vivi insists that Daddy can make her feel better though with his tongue, and he promptly does~! Daddy tickles Vivi with his beard, expertly running his tongue all along her sensitive clit, making her cum over and over! Overcome with feelings, Vivi wants nothing more than to make Daddy feel good to! She plops down on the bean bag chair and enjoys his yummy cock, gagging and tearing up on it as she struggles to fit it all down her throat with a big happy smile. Eventually Daddy can’t take it anymore and he bends her over the ladder to the bunk bed, fully taking over her small sensitive hole!!! He cums all over her ass, better clean up before someone comes home!

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